GUI in animated GIF

On this page you will find several example of what can be done with the GUI as short animated GIF.


Fig. 7 Importing data. Different parsers are available. DC and IP data can be imported. A custom parser allows to parse in any file type.


Fig. 8 Creating a mesh (quadrilateral or triangular). Assigning regions of different shapes. Those regions can be fixed, be part of different zones (a zone is a region with a sharp boundary), have a specific starting resistivity and phase value.


Fig. 9 When topography is supplied the quadrilateral and triangular mesh takes it into account automatically.


Fig. 10 Data pre-processing for DC data. Data can be filtered manually by selecting bad quadrupoles or/and specific electrodes. A resistance error model can then be fitted.


Fig. 11 Time-Lapse processing and inversion.


Fig. 12 Inversion of cross-borehole data.


Fig. 13 Filtering of IP (Phase) data using vmin/vmax, DCA filtering and other tools.


Fig. 14 Filtering based on reciprocal error.


Fig. 15 Inversion settings as well as results displayed.


Fig. 16 Forward modelling on a flat surface.


Fig. 17 Forward modelling with topography.