Graphical User InterfaceΒΆ

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is composed of differents tabs.

importing tab

Fig. 2 Importing tab with the coverCrop.csv dataset. Filtering options are availables.

importing tab with map view

Fig. 3 The dataset can also be viewed as a contour map if spatial data available.

In Fig. 2 we can see the general tabbed interface with the coverCrop.csv dataset imported. The Fig. 3 show the same dataset but plotted as a contour map.

error modelling from cross-over points

Fig. 4 An error model from cross-over points can be fitted if the survey contains spatial coordinates.

inversion settings

Fig. 5 Inversion settings tab where the number of layer and the starting EC can be defined. An L-curve can also be fitted to give indication about the best damping factor.


Fig. 6 Inversion tab where different inversion parameters can be chosen such as: the forward model, the number of iteration, the damping factor for vertical and horitontal smoothing. The inverted section can be seen as a profile or as map.


Fig. 7 The post-processing tab contains two graphs showing the misfit (on the left) between the observed ECa and the simulated ECa. The right graph is a 1:1 graph between the two.