3D visualization

EMagPy can also display 3D inverted survey (inverted based on 1D inversion). It uses the Python package pyvista to render the .vtk produced.

import sys
from emagpy import Problem
import pyvista as pv
k = Problem()
k.setInit(depths0=[0.5], fixedDepths=[False])
k.invert(method='ROPE', njobs=-1)
0%|          | 0/120 [00:00<?, ?it/s]
Removing 1 NaN from survey
100%|██████████| 120/120 [00:10<00:00, 14.01it/s]

EMagPy can also smooth the 1D inversion in 3D, similarly to lateral smoothing for 2D. For this set the threed=True argument and specify a smoothing value using the beta parameter. EMagPy will penalize the inversion from the closest 1D survey (in 3D distance).

k = Problem()
k.invert(threed=True, beta=0.5)
31/31 inverted

Download python script: nb_3d-surveys.py

Download Jupyter notebook: nb_3d-surveys.ipynb

View the notebook in the Jupyter nbviewer

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